Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Animals

For the first week of our animal unit, we talked about baby animals.

I've had to try not to laugh as I read a story or show different pictures, and my kids (mostly girls) respond with a collective and sigh-like "awwww!"

I created a flip-book for the kids to read and match animal babies with their parents. There are some "tricky" animals in there, and some of the kids have been surprised to see how different a baby can look from its parent. When there is some free reading time, I often see a group of kids huddled around this book, trying to find matches.

We've also been talking about how babies can be born in different ways, depending on the kind of animal. We sorted animal pictures into "Mammal" and "Egg-Hatcher" categories to show the differences in how babies can be born. Once again, there were some kids that were surprised at which animals do or do not come from eggs! I was really was really excited when the librarian read a nonfiction book to the class about eggs during library time, and we were also able to learn that there are a couple mammals that lay eggs in addition to reptiles, birds, fish, etc. (they are the platypus and the echidna, just in case you needed to remember also...)

Their baby animal nonfiction writing turned out just as cute as the baby animal books we've been reading.
(Left) Dad, Baby Lion (Right) Baby hawk learns to fly.
(Left) This is a walrus and a baby. (Right) Walrus is good. My favorite.
 (Apparently the walrus is a popular animal this year!)
(Left- sorry, I can't decipher one of the words...) Walrus' have ...and big flippers. His mom has bigger ... (Right) Piggies are so cute.
The momma koala has bigger claws.
(Left) Mom's bring worms for babies. (Right) This is a baby alligator. It is 3 years old.

 And as if I'm not getting enough baby animal talk in my classroom, I've been able to go out and see some baby animals out in my community. (I may or may not have used the same "awwww" sound that my students use when looking at these baby chicks.)

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