Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Map Art

We made these land and water maps back in February...or March...the weeks and months are all starting to blend together. This is one of my favorite ways to explore the concept of representing and recognizing land and water features on a map. It is fun for the kids, and pretty easy to prepare. All you need is salt dough, small pieces of cardboard, and paint. You want the salt dough to be a pretty sticky texture, so it sticks to the cardboard. Although, once it dries, Elmer's Glue seems to do the trick if there are breaking problems.

The project takes at least two days, because the salt dough needs to dry out on the first day and the paint needs to dry on the second day. I love the creativity of the results, and ask the kids to give me a title for their map...I'm pretty sure the titles are my favorite part. Here are a few examples:
Titles (Left) A Pretty Waterfall and Volcano (Right) A Tree and a Volcano Squirting Water

Titles: (Top Left) Water and Curves (Top Right) King of the Earth (Bottom Left) So Many Lands (Bottom Right) A Flat Surface

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