Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Amazing Gift's December and this time of year always feels a little crazy in the classroom. While the kids get excited about all the extra holiday festivities and activities, I'll admit that I have found myself feeling a little stressed and worn out. But I received a surprise this week that made me feel so appreciated and supported. It seriously made my whole year.

After I finished teaching on Monday, I went to go check my box before I tackled my huge list of things to do for the coming week. To my surprise, I found a wrapped gift sitting there with my name on it. I took it back to my classroom, and read the note that was attached. The note itself blew me away and brought tears to my eyes. An anonymous donor expressed their gratitude for the work that I do, and wanted to help provide something for my classroom. I was in shock when I opened the box and saw what was inside.

4 iPod Shuffles
Sometime last year, I expressed a desire on my blog to try and create a listening center that was more independent, and thought that iPod Shuffles would be a great way to go because they would be very easy for the kids to manage on their own. Even though I knew it would be a long-shot, I asked around to see if anybody had any kind of independent listening devices that they would be willing to donate. After receiving a minimal response and knowing that other things that were more pressing in my budget, I kind of gave up on the idea of making this a reality in my classroom.

Until now.

I hope that whoever decided to give in such a generous way knows that I am so grateful for their support! I was so touched, and still feel amazed at the kind and thoughtful generosity of this person. I am also SO excited to put these to good use in the classroom, and I've been getting them ready to introduce them to the kids when we get back from Winter break. They will be a perfect addition to our Daily Five/Reading Workshop time, and a valuable resource in our room. Thank you so much--whoever you are!

After the tragic events that recently occurred among children and teachers in Connecticut, I am even more grateful for this act of kindness, and all others that I have received as a teacher. Although there are people in the world who make horrible, evil choices, I have to believe that there are more people in this world who do what they can- big or small- to help others and make it a better place. More than ever I am inspired to bring an attitude of caring and goodness to my own students. I hope that we can all cultivate a spirit of giving, love, kindness, and compassion in our small circles of the world, this holiday season and always.

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  1. That is amazing with that gift! But yes, this has been a hard weekend for teachers. I've been crushed.