Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Love: What is a Scientist?

Title: What is a Scientist?
Author: Barbara Lehn

Why I Love This Book: I used this book with my Kindergartners last year to introduce what it means to be a scientist. I love the way that the author breaks science down into very simple concepts. For example, "a scientist is a person who asks questions and finds different ways to answer them" or a "scientist learns from her senses." Each of the simple statements could be used as the foundation for a lesson on their own, and all of them could be used in an anchor chart to refer to during scientific exploration. The photographs might feel a little dated now (the book was printed in 1999), but they still offer young readers a sense of connection with the kids in the book. The book also helped me as a teacher to break down the subject of science into meaningful components. This is a great book for the classroom, but it could also open the door for scientific conversation and exploration at home! 

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