Monday, February 13, 2012

Book Love: David's Drawings

Title: David's Drawings
Author: Cathryn Falwell

Why I Love This Book: This is such a great book for discussing friendship and the idea that everyone can have something to contribute in a classroom setting. In the story, a boy named David begins to draw a picture of a tree, and one by one his friends in the class have ideas of things that they could add to the picture. David gives a great example to young students as he chooses to share his picture with his classmates, and allows them to each add something to his drawing. In the end, it becomes a class picture and everyone is happy and proud. The text is simple, the illustrations are colorful and engaging, and the message is clear to kids as they read this story. My students wanted to make their own class picture after we read the book...which was perfectly aligned with what I had planned to go along with this story. A great read for the classroom! 

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