Friday, November 4, 2011


I've been wearing a lot of hats lately.

In the mornings, I wear the teacher hat. My brain is focused on alphabet letters, numbers, and keeping 26 Kindergarten kids engaged in learning.

In the afternoons, I wear the planner hat. My brain is focused on a million things all at once, such as checking papers, hanging up bulletin boards, responding to e-mails, tweaking things in my classroom, creating assignments, planning lessons, re-arranging seating charts, evaluating data, organizing manipulatives, cleaning up messes...and the list goes on and on. It's really hard to take that hat off.

In the evenings, I wear the student hat. I go to class and do my homework and try to force my brain to think about research articles and writing assignments. It can be really hard to change into that hat.

Then, if I'm lucky, at the very end of the day I wear the wife/homemaker hat. Sometimes that includes doing fun things, like watching a movie or hanging out with my family. Sometimes that means that I need to do the dishes.

Needless to say, life feels a little crazy right now and I haven't been wearing the blogger hat very much at all. But don't worry-- I have 5 more weeks until I'm done with my Master's degree, and then I will put the college student hat away. I'm very excited about that.

Oh, there's one hat I forgot. On Halloween, I wore this hat:

That's right! I was "Cat in the Hat." 
(I don't usually enjoy dressing up, but I do admit that the enthusiasm of my cute kiddos was pretty contagious that day.)

Happy November!

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