Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puppet Play

Playing with puppets is a great form of dramatic play, where kids can act out stories or social situations. It can be a great way to promote the development of social and emotional skills, as social interactions can be modeled by adults using puppets, and the kids can then use them to practice those social skills or to express and work through different emotions. I feel they are a valuable part of the classroom.
(these puppets found on amazon.com)

As such, I attempted to make this hanging puppet theater for my classroom. My grandma has this one hanging in a doorway using a curtain rod, and the grandkids love it. I am not much of a seamstress, but my aunts and sister were willing to make it with me and we thought we could figure it out together.

It turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated, but we were all really happy with the end result. I am going to make a stand out of PVC pipe to hang mine on, since there aren't really any usable doorways in my classroom. 
My aunt and sister getting ready to sew.
The (almost) finished project. I still need to sew on some velcro and ribbon so that the curtains will stay open during the show. :)

If I were really talented, I would be the kind of blogger to post the patterns and step-by-step instructions for how to make one yourself. But, we didn't have a pattern and we just kind of figured it out as we went along. Maybe it will inspire you to find or create something similar!

Happy Puppet Play!

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