Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer, already?

The last month has been one busy blur, with end of year assessments and activities.
(thus my lack of posting...)
It is just now starting to sink in that summer is here, and my first year of teaching is over. 
It has been a great year, and I will miss this first little class of mine. 
I have learned so much from my experiences with them,
including that this little beauty is an essential classroom tool.
It came in very handy as I was cleaning my room for the summer.
 (if you didn't already know that it cleans permanent markers off laminated surfaces..'re welcome)

Although I've promised to give myself a little break from planning and thinking about teaching this summer, I can't help but feel excited about getting ready for this next year. There are many things that I want to change and improve upon this second time around. I'm so grateful to get the opportunity to stay at the same school, with the same team, and in the same classroom so I can give that much more attention to my teaching practices. 

Here's to a happy summer! 

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