Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exploring Day and Night

This month we have been talking about some space science concepts: weather, seasons, and the pattern of day and night. I loved this art project that our art specialist did with the kids. It is so simple, and yet we were able to discuss and learn so much from it! Why make a learning activity more complicated than it needs to be?

We used 3 different sizes of circles to talk about the size of the sun compared to the Earth and moon, the colors of these from space, the rotation of the moon around the Earth, and the rotation of the Earth around the sun. From there, we were able to build upon that background knowledge to start exploring why the Earth has day and night.

We also watched these short clips from You-Tube so they could get another visual:

The kids have really enjoyed this topic, and we are still looking forward to some more space fun. We are having our Kindergarten Space Show on Friday, where every student will be presenting a homework project they did with either the sun, moon or Earth. Next week we will be learning more about shadows, and we will wrap things up with a visit to the planetarium!

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