Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Love: Ida B

Author: Katherine Hannigan

Why I Love This Book: This book is written for children ages 9-12. I'm highlighting it here because I think it is a beautiful glimpse into the world of childhood. I love how the author was able to really explore the innocent and creative thought processes of a growing and learning child. I think it's good for us to get a peek into the world and minds of children every now and again, and this book is a delightful way to do just that.

Here is one quote from the book that I loved, where Ida B. is describing her first experience in a Kindergarten classroom. 

"There was a rabbit in a cage in the room, but we couldn't pet it until it was time. There were books on the shelves, but we couldn't read them until it was time. There was a big playground with slides and swings and balls, but we couldn't play on it until it was time. There were lots of kids, but we couldn't talk until you-know-when. 
"Ms. Myers," I finally asked, "when is 'time'?"
(p. 46)

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