Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am... exhausted as a Kindergarten teacher, but surviving my first few weeks of teaching.
My cute kiddos are full of energy, creativity and enthusiasm!

Enjoy these Kindergarten creations, inspired by this book.

(I wish I could make the pictures bigger- but they won't fit in the layout...thus the captions.)

sad as a panda, cuddly as a stuffed animal; fast as lightning, patient as a turtle
nice as a bunny, brave as a tiger; smart as an owl, pretty as a flamingo
happy as a clown, fast as a cheetah; nice as a fairy, busy as a bee
free as a macaw, as good at jumping as a horse; crazy as a turkey, loud as a lion
fast as a cheetah, happy as a butterfly; smart as a dolphin, silly as a puppy
happy as a rainbow, brave as a hero; loving as a mom and dad, funny as a waffle
graceful as a butterfly, fast as a cheetah; quiet as a mouse, wild as a tiger
fast as a cheetah, clever as a fox ; fast as a fish, bouncy as a kangaroo


  1. I want to know how you got them to
    a) color so neatly and nicely
    b) put so much detail and effort in their drawings.

    I love this idea! You have some bright kids. I like the free as a macaw picture. Who would of thought a kindergartner would come up with that? I attribute it to their amazing teacher. Way to go!

  2. :) Thanks Brooke!
    Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the idea or the completion of the books. The idea came from my site teacher last year, and I sent the books home as a take home project to do with their parents. So, I can thank the parents for supporting their fun and detailed artwork. But now that I know they can create such things, I hope to support that kind of work in class!

    P.S. my rug is from IKEA. They are individual squares that I made into a rug using carpet take.